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Asian Service Center (ASC)

Asian Service Center (ASC) is a registered non-profit organization in Snohomish County, Washington; we provide services and advocacies to Asian and other underserved communities in every aspect. ASC upholds God's love and guidance to serve the community members and their families and bring overall benefits to society. 


Our Vision

ASC believes all community members can succeed in American society, create their own success stories, and benefit all of society.

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Our Mission

ASC empowers and enables members of Asian and other underserved communities to achieve their full potential and contribute to the larger society, through culturally and linguistically appropriate services and programs.



ASC values the opportunities to serve the immigrants and their families with the blessings and guidance of God.


ASC upholds the honesty and righteousness in all of our practices.


ASC serve the immigrants like our families.


ASC upholds and advocates the equity and social justice.


ASC believes the power of family; an individual thrives when the families are complete. 

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