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Our Service Programs

ASC empowers and enables members of the Asian and other underserved communities in achieving their full potential and contributing to the larger society, through culturally and linguistically appropriate services and programs.

Healthcare Access

  • Help to evaluate healthcare coverage needs, determine general eligibility for healthcare coverage programs and provide enrollment service.

  • Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA) provides free, unbiased, and confidential help with Medicare and healthcare choices.

  • Provide health and nutrition classes, seminars, and consultations to improve overall health through awareness of a healthier diet and living habits.

  • Provide free vaccination.

  • Provide free wellness checks and cancer screening services. 

  • Provide free dental screening and consultation services.

Family Support

  • Help Asian communities to understand the local culture, living habits, basic rules, and regulations.

  • Assist with US naturalization and citizenship application.

  • Provide translation and interpretation services. 

  • Provide benefit program information, and assist with the application process.

  • Provide culturally appropriate food supply.

  • Help to navigate the US taxation and insurance system. Help them to establish and better manage their finances.

  • Advise about common utilities, and assist with the application for eligible programs. 

  • Help to navigate the housing system.

  • Provide legal advice and knowledge sharing.

  • Civic engagement, voters registration

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Senior Care

Senior Care.jpeg
  • Provide home safety, and fall prevention seminars to improve seniors' awareness and knowledge about home safety.

  • Teach emergency preparedness skills.

  • Offer tech-support workshops to help seniors to navigate the current technology, and daily use of different devices. 

  • Advise long-term care strategy and options. 

  • Provide memory care support and advice.

  • Provide estate planning seminars and consultation.

Youth Development

  • Advice youth English as second language learning

  • Provide youth leadership training

  • Offer school supplies for eligible kids and youth. 

  • Advice college and financial aid application.

  • Organize youth camps to build bonding and growth. 

  • Organize youth volunteer activities to contribute to the society

  • Provide parenting programs to support youth development. 

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