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What does ASC stand for?

ASC stands for Asian Service Center, we aim at enabling and empowering the Asian and other underserved communities to thrive in every aspect of life by providing holistic family centric services and advocacies.

Do I need to pay for the services provided by ASC?

No. ASC is a non-profit organization, providing free service to the Asian and other underserved communities, such as information, referral, advocacy, social and language support, to assist the community members to quickly adapt to new environment and succeed in school, work and life.

Does ASC only serve Asian immigrants?

No. In ASC, we value diversity, equity and inclusion. Although our primary focus is on Asian communities and their families, we also serve new immigrants from other areas and countries. Our service receipients come from various countries, with different backgrounds and cultures, speaking different languages and dialects.

What languages and dialects do ASC staff speaks?

Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese dialects of Chinese; Vietnamese, Malay, Thai, Lao and English. We are expanding our language coverage.

What is the geographical coverage of ASC service?

ASC is registered as a non-profit organization in Washington State, therefore our services can cover any area within the Washington State. Currently, we are focusing our services in Greater Snohomish County.

Where does funding come from?

Our funds come from government grants and fundings (Federal, State, County, Cities), foundations, organizations and individuals. We welcome all sorts of support. Every penny counts!

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